Mad Dog's 2007 Nebraska Deer Hunt

Below are pictures taken during Mad Dog's Nebraska hunt in November 2007. We hope you enjoy them. The hunt took place near Hay Springs, Nebraska. Hay Springs is located in the northwest corner of Nebraska near the South Dakota border. We hunted Whitetail and Mule Deer, Pheasant and Prairie Dogs. The deer were hunted on public and private land. It was a great time! Mad Dog and Chris remained in camp for the last two days of deer season and through the end of November.


The camp.


View from the front door of the camp.



George disposing of dish water.


Ron and Bill with Jerry (Rancher) after a Pheasant hunt.


George with his nice 10 point Mule deer (The buck was taken with a Remington XP chambered in .257 Roberts.)


Bill with two Whitetail deer. (The doe was taken by Bill with a Remington 700 chambered in 6.5 X 284.)


Bill taking a little medicine.


Ron getting ready to hit the rack.


Chris and Mad Dog swapping war stories.


Ron with his Mule deer doe. (The deer was taken with a Savage 110 chambered in .308 Winchester.)


Chris and George chilling out.


Bill with his Whitetail Doe, Chris with his 4 point Muley Buck and a Muley Doe (taken with a FN chambered in .308 Winchester), George with his 10 point Muley Buck and Ron with his Muley Doe. What a great hunt!


Mad Dog with his nice 7 point Muley Buck. (The deer was taken with a .270 Weatherby Magnum.)


Four of these were shot during the last two days of the season after Bill, George, and Ron departed for home.


Chris' Doe shot with a Barrett 50